The Skin Condition to Avoid at All Costs

Jan. 3, 2023

((SL)) The skin condition you want to avoid at all costs

It started out as a tiny skin tag on my left hand.

I hated the way it looked, so I picked it off.

That caused it to bleed a little, but I figured it was no big deal.


Days later it started to resemble a pimple.

Weeks later it had grown to the size of a pea.

Most people would have gone to a doctor at this point, but I held off.

The reason – I knew a doctor would put me on antibiotics.

I go to great lengths to avoid antibiotics for lots of reasons, and I felt I could get rid of this skin infection holistically.

Wrong again.

I tried all manner of natural remedies, including colloidal silver, tea tree oil, moist heat…

I even meditated on it, visualizing miraculous healing power flowing from my mind to my hand.

By this time two months had passed.

Reluctantly, I visited a nearby urgent care facility.

The doctor there said she thought she could squeeze the infection out.

I thought she could too.

Big mistake.

Her effort aggravated it beyond belief, turning it into an angry purple mass.

And talk about sore and tender… wow!

As I expected, this doctor also prescribed antibiotics.

Her diagnosis – cellulitis.

Cellulitis is a potentially dangerous skin infection because it affects the middle layer of the skin.

That puts it dangerously close to blood vessels.

The danger is that the infection can get into your blood stream and infect organs throughout your body.

That possibility had me worried and eager to get back to California and visit my health coach.

I knew she could help me get rid of this nasty infection without drugs or an invasive procedure… but now, in early September of 2022, I was stuck in Ohio.

I had been there since early July helping my elderly father out.

Dad – as you may recall from yesterday’s missive – was suffering from Stage IV bladder cancer that had metastasized to his brain.

As a result, he wasn’t able to drive, so he needed me to do his shopping and take him to his doctor appointments.

As I’m sure you can appreciate, I didn’t feel that I could rush back to California in good conscience under those circumstances.

Then… one week after my cellulitis diagnosis… dad suffered a massive stroke.

Three days later he died.

Obviously, his death meant he longer needed my earthly help.

But now there were memorial arrangements to be made.

I spent the next two weeks taking care of that.

And during that time the cellulitis plaguing my left hand got worse and worse.

Talk about stress!

I was grieving the loss of my dad… busy setting up a memorial to honor his life… and worried about the infection in my hand spreading to other parts of my body.

The day after dad’s memorial (which went very well), I hopped in my car and started the 2,500-mile drive back home to Healdsburg, California.

As I drove, I prayed my infection wouldn’t spread to other parts of my body.

Thankfully it didn’t.

I have my health coach, Robin, and another healer she works with to thank for that.

They put me on an austere dietary regimen and had me apply all kinds of food-based topicals to the infection on my hand.

Now, three months later, all that’s left of it is a lump of scar tissue and a little residual inflammation.

I think you’ll find the details of the holistic regimen I applied quite interesting.

In fact, you might want to try some of its protocols yourself (the benefits go far beyond healing an infection).

I’ll give you some details tomorrow.

Until then,

Doug Fogel, Natural Wealth, Natural Health

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