The Diet That Resolved a Dangerous Case of Cellulitis

Jan. 5, 2023

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As you may recall from yesterday’s newsletter, this past summer 

I contracted a bad case of cellulitis on my left hand.

This infection scared the %&$@ out of me because I was afraid

it would spread to my blood stream… and from there to my


That fear drove me to rush home from Ohio (home for me is

in Northern California) as fast as I could.

The 2,500-mile trip took four days, and my first stop – before I 

even went to my apartment to unpack – was to visit my 

health coach for treatment.

She’s Robin Churchill, who has helped me get over a number 

of health crises over the years, including a bladder infection, 

Covid, and injuries from a car accident.

Now I needed her wisdom again.

First thing she did was whip up an herb and essential oil-based

balm and applied it to the infection.

Next, she stressed that I needed to do a 20-minute heat/ice 

therapy three times a day to increase blood flow.

She also put me on a mini-fast for three days.

The only nutrients she allowed me to take were an amino acid 

complex (Perfect Amino XP, from BodyHealth), some concentrated

wheat sprout granules (primarily Pro Ox, from BioPharms),

and some powdered food-based supplements that are

currently available only to wholesalers (from Elixer, Inc.,

a brand-new company my health coach works with).

She also urged me to quit drinking alcohol.

Now, I don’t drink that much (at least by many people’s 


But I do enjoy a beer and a little wine most days.

Or, I should say, I used to, as I’ve taken Robin’s advice to 


She’s very big on avoiding alcohol and contends that

regular drinking weakens your immune system and can cause 

all kinds of health problems.

And she insisted that my habit of drinking a little beer and

wine had caused my cellulitis to persist.

Anyway, I digress – let’s get back to how I implemented her


After the three days of being on her mini-fast, she put

me on an austere diet that was vegan, mostly raw, and 

EXTREMELY low carb.

The reason for this strict diet – to promote alkalinity.

She said I needed it because my body was almost certainly 

overly acidic, and that increasing its alkalinity would go a long 

way toward resolving my cellulitis and any other hidden infections

I had.

Her alkaline diet featured lots of greens and cruciferous 

vegetables, things like broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, arugula, 

and cabbage.

To help rebuild my digestive system – which Robin said was

in dire need of probiotic replenishment – I took probiotic 

supplements (Garden of Life) and ate lots of sauerkraut. 

I also made raw kefir smoothies derived from milk produced

from grass-fed cows.

To the kefir, I added some spirulina, slippery elm, a raw seed

blend (described in the next paragraph), and a vegan protein 

powder (PerfectAmino Power Meal, from BodyHealth).

I rounded off this diet with some wild rice, lentils and a raw 

seed blend comprised of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, 

golden flax seeds, and sesame seeds.

It’s important to note that I soaked all these grains and seeds

for 24 hours in order to neutralize phytates.

See, phytates that aren’t neutralized can bind to calcium, magnesium, 

zinc and other minerals in your intestinal tract.

That can cause poor nutrient absorption and mineral deficiencies

(not a good thing… especially if you’re trying to alkalize your


So in a nutshell, for over two months I followed Robin’s diet, 

applied three 20-minute daily heat-ice treatments to my hand,

and applied Robin’s balm to my hand after every heat-ice


The following month, I reduced the heat-ice treatments to once

a day and started incorporating a bigger variety of fruits and

vegetables to my diet.

During all this, my cellulitis gradually got better.

And now, about three months since I got back from Ohio, my 

hand is nearly normal (there’s just a tiny bit of scar tissue that 

needs to be dealt with).

As for my diet, I’m still pretty much vegetarian, although I’ve 

recently introduced occasional eggs, wild-caught salmon 

and grass-fed beef.

So the takeaway for you?

It would be wise to alkalize your own body.

To see if it’s overly acidic, you could get some pH strips and

test your urine.

If (as is likely), you’re too acidic, you should go on a high-

alkaline diet for a few weeks.

I could keep rambling on about what such a diet could consist of 

(besides what I’ve already talked about).

But you can go online and find any number of charts that show 

what foods promote alkalinity.

Load up on them for a few weeks and I’ll bet you’ll feel better.

And who knows? Annoying health conditions you’ve had for

awhile could well resolve.

That’s it for today.

Your “alchy” health editor,

Doug Fogel, Publisher, Natural Wealth, Natural Health

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