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Jan. 3, 2023

Greetings and Happy New Year!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written you in my
Natural Wealth, Natural Health newsletter – 19 months
to be exact.

But I’m back.

Since I last wrote you, I’ve suffered some awful ailments.

And they’ve had A LOT to do with my 19-month absence.

Like the tinnitus that blindsided me a year ago last
summer (courtesy of a terrible accident) …

My bout with Covid-19 (which ruined my 2021 holidays) …

And the cellulitis that infected my left hand (a doctor
I went to for treatment made it MUCH worse).

These ailments made my life hell.

But the suffering they caused pales in comparison to what
I went through last summer.

It all began last July.

That’s the month I arrived in Cleveland, Ohio to visit my
92-year-old father.

I went there to give my brother Mike a break from helping
him out.

The main thing Mike had been doing for dad was shopping
and running his errands.

See, dad had developed some serious balance issues that
caused him to fall down a lot.

No way Mike was going to let dad drive to the store
(or anywhere else) with him falling down all the time.

So he did everything he could to help our dad.

Now it was time for me to give Mike a break.

That’s why I drove out from my home in California to
Cleveland, where I had rented a place near dad to stay
for the summer.

It was clear from the moment I arrived that dad wasn’t well.

I convinced him into getting some medical tests, which
revealed he had Stage IV bladder cancer.

Now that cancer had metastasized to his brain.

That explained his balance problems.

Over the following two months, dad’s condition got
progressively worse.

He landed in the hospital a couple of times as a result.

Then on Sept. 4, he suffered a massive stroke.

Five days later, he passed away.

His death and the months leading up to it were beyond
traumatic for me, as he was not only my dad, but my best

Bad as all that was, I developed my own health crisis
during this time.

It’s one that, after six months, has finally resolved.

I have a a couple of holistic practitioners I know to
thank for that.

And what they did to resolve it could help you, too.

I’ll fill you in on all that in the coming days.

That’s it for now.

Until tomorrow,
Doug Fogel, Publisher, Natural Wealth, Natural Health

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