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Understanding what's at the root of your particular health challenges is critical, for if you don't, you'll forever be at the mercy of the conventional medical establishment.

And as you know, Western medicine is notorious for administering expensive medications and treatments that only deal with the symptoms of what ails you.

Armed with Natural Wealth, Natural Health, you'll discover a whole new world of healing power

Some of the remedies you'll find in this newsletter - like an Ayurvedic breathing technique that dissolves stress in seconds - have been around for thousands of years.

Others - like a dirt-cheap solution to colds and flu that German researchers successfully tested in 1938 - have been largely forgotten as a result of the advent of antibiotics and other drugs.

And a few come from my personal pool of health professionals - like a revolutionary hands-on "massage" technique that one of them used to banish chronic headaches from my life.

But holistic remedies are just the beginning of what's in store for you here.

I also share articles on longevity, alternative medical developments and "underground"  health news you'll never hear about from the medical establishment.

Bottom line is as a Natural Wealth, Natural Health subscriber, you'll have access to a wealth of holistic health information that grows with every edition.

What's the Cost?

People often ask me why I give away so much valuable information free on this web site and my newsletter. My answer is simple: I've learned so much about natural healing from so many fantastic people, I could never give back.

This is my way of Giving Forward.

Which is why the information in Natural Wealth, Natural Health will be extremely comprehensive, but always free.

Yes, I have other products you may like to buy to address specific health-related issues, but Natural Wealth, Natural Health will ALWAYS be free.

The purpose of this website?

I've spent years (and tens of thousands of dollars) working with holistic healers to help me get over a variety of troublesome health conditions. And what I've learned from these incredible people is just too important to keep from you and the rest of the world.

That's why I set up this website - to make sure you get the best possible information on:

  • Weight Loss
  • Tension Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Mental Health
  • Restful Sleep
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Heart Help
  • Beneficial Herbs and Vitamins
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Men's and Women's Health
  • Constipation
  • Arthritis
  • ....¦and much more

And I work hard to give you this information in a compassionate, easy-going style.

In fact, you can expect to get a lot of entertainment value here as well (not to mention a good dose of humor).

So if you've been bouncing around the Internet in search of alternatives to expensive medications and conventional medical treatments, I'm sure you'll find this site invaluable.

Look at health from a radically different viewpoint

I promise you'll find the information here very useful (and sometimes zany).

What I suggest is you thoroughly explore the site before signing up for the Natural Health, Natural Wealth newsletter. Yes, the newsletter is FREE, but it's not something that's been slapped together.

Each issue is carefully thought out, fun to read, and features information that's easy to implement.

Three reasons why you should subscribe

Reason 1: There are no pop-ups (that alone should clue you in).

Reason 2: There are dozens of testimonials. People before you have tested it and found it to be extremely good value.

Reason 3: With your subscription, you get a free, powerful e-book.

What the free e-book is about

It features information about 7 supplements you can take to help you lose weight (and if you're like many of my subscribers, either you or someone you care about could stand to shed a few pounds).

One supplement you'll discover in this e-book works by burning extra calories and satiating your appetite.

Another directly supports fat loss.

A third works by lowering the "melting point" for burning fat and increasing metabolic rates.

All 7 of these supplements are easily found in your local health food store or on sites like Amazon.

In this e-book, you'll not only discover what they are, but how they work.

For I don't want to just provide you with holistic tools to improve your health, I want you to understand exactly how they work so you can become a more educated health advocate.

See, you're part of my grand plan to spread the word about a truth the medical establishment doesn't want us to realize - that we have the power to take control of our own health.

So grab yourself a cup of coffee and something to munch on

Chances are you'll be hanging out at this site for awhile, and I want you to be comfortable.

So to start your journey into the wide, wonderful world of holistic healing by checking out my health blog now (the link is off to the lower right).

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More Testimonials

"Excellent piece today, Doug!    This, coming from someone who lives in Gulf-side Florida .... All wonderful suggestions ... thank you!     "Be cool"   (Heck, you ALWAYS are!!!)"    

Sincerely,  Robin in Florida.


Dear Doug,
I'm going to try out the program! I really love the website and the few videos that I've seen. It really seems like you are genuinely trying to help people which is so awesome


Matthew M.


Good morning Mr. Fogel, I hope you are doing well.  Once again, thanks so much for all your helpful information

I have shared a lot of your info with family, friends and coworkers.  I was very alarm when I saw your email today about antibiotics with Fluoroquinolones is this one of the terrible ingredients with long lasting effects in it?  I have a young granddaughter who was diagnosis with a Urinary Tract Infection last year at the age of 11.  The doctor thought she was quite young to have it, he advised some things not to drinks and do to prevent it.  She was given an Antibiotic for it, now I am very concerned if it belong to the Fluo Family you had mention in your email.  I very seldom have taken any precipritions and believe me from my understanding if I see the ingredient Fluo in it, seek a second opinion or a alternative method.   I believe that is why we as a whole are going through so many illness, we don' really understand the side effects of some of the medication given to us.  Thanks so much for all your info, I really appreciate it.  Have a great day.

Beverly H.

Testimonial Samples

Here is a sampling what some of the thousands of subscribers to this newsletter are saying:

Thanks Doug,

It's good to have you back writing the Newsletter. Much of your advice is right in line with a couple of others I follow. Those being Dr. Mercola and Food Babe. We are about 80% organic in our household thanks to advice like you and the others provide.

Mike W.

just  wanted  to touch bases with you and tell you my results since I contacted you. I followed everything you told me to do as far as stretches, keeping good posture, massages, etc... my headaches have dwindled away. Nothing my Doctor prescribed me worked. It was a waste of money. I've been prescribed migraine medicines none of those worked. I had a MRI done and CT scans performed and all of those test showed nothing and all they told me was I probably have Migraines. Well no kidding.

Camilla L.


Hi Doug, thanks for all the emails, I appreciate them very much.

I purchased you online treatment for tension headaches and it works very well - I've had tension headaches for years and this is the only real long-term remedy I've found.

Dave D.


Doug, I have some friends in a chronic pain group who would like to receive this newsletter. Is there a way to add them to a list? I cannot praise your chronic tension headache program enough- I have been free from chronic daily headaches for almost 6 yrs now by following this program for several weeks with the help of my massage therapist.

Jennifer L.


I've had these issues and your advice really does work,  in fact, i've gone for the standing height desk both at home and at work and  i've never felt better!

Kimball W.


Your program is like mana from Heaven I have been to many

doctors several hospital visit, 2 MRI scan,1 CT scan and my garage full of

chinese medicine.

Den R.


Best wishes and thanks for the continued good work - I am SO much healthier since I started following your program

Kay R.


Dear Doug,

I have to personally thank you for this. It is incredible how "easy" this is to do and unfortunately how soon I forget to do it ... SO, A BIG HEART-FELT "THANK YOU" TO YOU AND YOURS! Enjoy your holiday season.

Lisa Jackson


Thank-you Doug. Always a pleasure to read your little tidbits.

Yvonne B.


Hi Doug,

I have just come back from a two week holiday, I must say I find your latest health letters fascinating.  You need to go on oprah's new show and show the world that we don't need the pills!!

Alison H.


Hi, Doug,

First off, I greatly appreciate your work ... with regard to the below email, apple cider vinegar also does wonders to treat acne.  However, for acne folks need to use the organic version that includes the "mother enzyme".  Many brands filter out the mother enzyme, but that's the good stuff you want.  Bragg makes a type that has the mother enzyme and can be bought at Whole Foods.

Stephanie C.


Thank yo so simple and easy but so effective.

Diane S.



Thank you so much for this information, I shall certainly try this out, I saw these pots on the Oprah show some years back, but they were not so readily available over here, I have just found a site that sells them along with Himalayan salt, I shall investigate more!

I am so glad I found you, you have really helped me in many ways with your methods...

A. H.


Thanks for pointing out the possibility of  a different approach to ill health than manufactured pharmaceuticals.

regards ,

Brian K.


This was a good article, Thank you Doug.

Sandra K.